Dance music trends change annually. To maintain a stable disk jockey career for 25 years in a row is already an outstanding achievement
DJ Oleg Ilyushin (known in the past as a dj Vint and now producing music as Illusion) began his career in St. Petersburg in the late 1980s as an MC. In the 90s he was a resident DJ of two legendary Moscow clubs “Hermitage” and “Manhattan Express” and the music director of Radio ROKS network. During that time it was obvious to see Oleg in different Moscow clubs such as “Discovery”, “Russkaya troika», «Panther», «Cinderella», «Arlekino», «Moscow», «Ostrov Sokrovisch», «Palace», «Golden Palace”, “Drive”, “Three monkeys”, “Pilot”, “Chance”, “Catwalk”, “Civilian Ènfant” etc. Oleg always turned his DJ sets into the show. He became the first Russian DJ performing in the make up and even Melody Maker (UK) printed his portrait.
“He was going to be an air traffic controller, before he became Moscow’s first DJ in drag in the mid-90s”. Chris Coco
Since 2007 Oleg released several DJ mix compilations including “The Flowers” (under the name London Tribal Freaks), Audio Therapy “Spring Summer” Special Edition (as DJ Dancetrax) and “The Sound of Underground” (Oleg is listed there as a Psychotic Mama) complied from the tracks of ToolRoom Records and approved by Mark Knight.
Almost every weekend Oleg can be found behind the decks in the best Moscow clubs
Over the past three years he managed to be a resident DJ of such places as ZERO Bar, Rolling Stone, Ketama, Main Bar, Studio Bar and found himself as a DJ at many music festivals including Fruit Vibrations and Afisha’s Picnic. Lately Oleg founded his own label Genso Records and released a single “Believer” as Illusion (# 1 Top Electronica Charts DJTunes, # 20 iTunes Russia Electronica Charts).


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